Fruit Fashion Files : Children's Party

Guess who ate some Filipino food last Saturday? =) Oh yes, it was break time for me from the take-outs and junk food! I went to a double birthday celebration for a family friend and her nephew so it was kind of a full house at their place. Two things that I realized while I was at the party is that:

1. I cannot have kids right now, I am definitely NOT ready. I love kids, I really do! But having my own right now is a different story. At the party, my ears were bleeding to death from all the kids yelling and I kind of wanted to trip some of them just to stop 'em from running amok like a herd of wild horses. Now I know how having a migraine feels like.

Photo Credits: Stuck in Customs

2. I miss Filipino food. I had empanada, Jollibee spaghetti, chicken adobo, lumpia shanghai (spring rolls), leche flan, buko pandan (dessert made from young coconut and screwpine leaves) and...other stuff. I don't want to enumerate all the food I consumed that day because then you're going to tease me. *blush* I have feelings, you know. Ha!
Anyways, it was too darn HOT that day that it felt like a bikini outfit was a must, but of course... it was a children's birthday party so Auntie Pears needed to stay cool but couldn't totally bring a lot of sexy back =)

Collared hi-lo top by H&M; Distressed denim shorts bought at a market in HK; Gladiator sandals by Giuseppe Zanotti

I love the print of my top, at first glance I thought it had leopard prints but if you look closer, it looks like fully-bloomed flowers..can you make out the petals? =)

On my face: 

Make Up For Ever HD powder

Lipstick Dior Addict Extreme 639 Riviera; Dior Eye Pencil  594 Intense Brown

Too Faced Natural Eye Palette ( I usually just use one of the lighter colors all over my lids)

How was your weekend? Hope it didn't involve any wild horses.



  1. you dont need makeup ur already pritee ha!

    1. Hahaha Thanks, Delc =) I do need some color though, or else sometimes I look like a corpse..too pale! hahaha =)

  2. Thumbs up for the outfit and the urge to trip children...I'm so glad I have a potential looney bin roommate lol. My back fat is jelz of your sexy back!!!


    1. Yes, we'll rock stray jackets designed by YSL. Ha! =)


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