Gastronomic Therapy

I love to eat, I like to stress that out all the time. I love to eat when I'm happy and I love to stuff my face eat when I'm feeling down. There's just something about food that makes me feel calm and fully satisfied. Here's a fun fact for my dear readers out there: No matter how bad of an argument that the boyfriend and I get into, all he has to do is say the magic words and I'm totally signing the peace treaty and calling off World War III.

I'm sure some of you dudes out there are dying to know what these so-called magic words are, ey? Well...the magic words are " What do you want to eat?" Yup, ladies and gentlemen, I am such a piggy. 

That's how Miguel shuts me up. Literally stuffing my mouth with good ol' comfort food. Everyone's got their own version of comfort food so here's some of my favorite greasy, deep-fried, sugary treats that Migz bribes me with when I'm in my rabid mode. (A little bit of foaming in the mouth, but nothing serious)

Chicken Fingers Seriously, who doesn't like deep-fried boneless chicken strips paired with lightly-seasoned steak fries? 

Via Applebee's

Bacon and Mushroom Pizza Bacccoooooonnnnnn!

Korean BBQ Short Ribs Also known as "Kalbi". I don't usually like to eat a lot of pork and beef but this is what my carnivore boyfriend introduced me to and I have been hooked ever since.


Shrimp Fried Rice Dude, I'm Asian. My body's made up of 50% water and 50% rice. Bring on the MSG, baby!


Haagen-Dazs I personally like the Chocolate Cookie Dough flavor but anything else is good as long as it's not one of those reduced fat or less sugar kinda stuff.

Blueberry Muffin I love the ones that are sugary on the top and moist on the inside! 


Even the mere sight of my fave comfort food is making me feel better =)

*Skippy, hoppy with unicorns and rainbows*

You getting hungry yet?

Toodles! =)

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