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It's true. I'm in love with the boyfriend. Sometimes there's nothing more I'd like to do but gush over him all day. He's the only one who makes me giggle and blush like someone's choking the oxygen supply out of me. Miguel and I totally apply to the rule of "opposites attract". We're like Tom and Jerry, Ren and Stimpy, Winnie and Pooh...Ha! You fell for the last one, didn't you? Back in college, I used to itch into going out every weekend..it was like the end of the world for me if I didn't get the chance to wiggle, wiggle, wiggle on the dance floor and my nerdy boyfriend used to try to talk me into having a grand time with dvd's and popcorn instead..okay fine, I'm lying, it wasn't popcorn...more of "chicharon" (pork rind) sans vinegar and crushed red chili peppers..BOO!

Anyway, before I get hungry thinking about chicharon...I decided to compile a short list of why I truly adore the BF.

Reason #1 He taught me what an aurora is. The only limited knowledge that I had back then of an "Aurora" was of a local notebook brand back in the Philippines. (Any of my Filipino friends out there remember this brand or am I totally making stuff up?) Without him, I would have gone to Alaska and pointed out to the magical lights in the sky as "magical rainbow thingies".

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Reason #2 He divides his love between me and a guy named Frank aka Franky Boy, and I don't mind at all. Okay before you start singing It's Raining Men, I'm referring to a genius architect named Frank Lloyd Wright. There's really nothing better than a man who's so passionate about his craft/profession. Dudes, it is fascinating though.. the Robie House, designed by Architect Wright (shown below with a foxy couple on the side) was built in 1910. 19 freakin' 10. This was made a whole entire century ago.

Reason #3 I can't cook nor bake and he's grown accustomed to my usual mantra of "One day, I will make enough money to pay for someone to cook for you, if not, you get to pick on take-outs" It's either take-outs or he can eat charred stuff of what was once edible. Exhibit A down below: Me burning sliced hotdogs...

Reason #4 He randomly hums a tune like "Me and you, and you and me..so happy togetherrrr.." and tries to aim that high note with his deep voice.

The Turtles- Happy Together


Reason #5 He lets me hide underneath his heavy arm while watching scary movies but ends up getting scared as well so we both jump from our seats at the same time. Sadakkooooooo....

There are so many little things that I can talk about when it comes to how adorable the boyfriend is but I don't want to bore you or make you lose your sanity. I just like to frequently talk about him because I think that if we truly like someone, we should just show it and say it. You know, it would be nice to keep something like this in mind about your significant other so one day when you're upset with each other, you can go back to that thought on why you're with that person in the first place. I've seen so many broken homes and broken relationships just because couples tend to forget about the good things in their relationship. I, myself am guilty of it at times but one should remember to never let petty fights nor pride get the best of you and make you forsake your partner and your relationship in the process.

Don't forget to appreciate the small, mundane things because they may end up being the most unforgettable.

Toodles! =)


  1. Awwww there's ants on this blog...hahaha


    1. Ants and bees and flowers and trees... hahaha =)

  2. Swerte ni Migs :) So sweet Pears...I should make one too :)) so that every time my hubby forgets to wash our dishes I'll just try to read my list and remember why I liked him in the first place. :P

  3. Swerte ni Migs :) this is so sweet Pears. I'll try to make one too so that every time the hubby forgets to wash our dishes I'll just go back to the memory of why I liked him LOL

    1. Hahaha. Thanks, and if that fails, there's always the option of PAPER PLATES! hehehe ;p


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