I was in the mood to do a little cleaning in the apartment today and look what I found underneath a huge pile of random junk mail...

I totally forgot that my W magazine actually came in about two weeks ago but luckily I was off today so I gladly perused through it. I usually skip to the beauty and travel section, and to my wonderful surprise, here in this prestigious magazine is an article about SIARGAO, PHILIPPINES.

It had a four-page spread by Armand Limnander about his visit to a place in Siargao called Dedon Island. The article essentially explores the eco-friendly resort that sits on a four-acre property, owned by Bobby Dekeyser. Dekeyser happens to be the founder of an outdoor-furniture company called Dedon, which manufactures hand-woven furniture in Cebu. I seriously beam with pride when Cebu gets a mention, in this case, in one of my fave fashion magazines.

Cebu, in fact, has always been a well-known hub for exporting world-class furniture. Here are some of Dedon's fun, signature pieces that I thought were eye-catching yet completely functional and cozy...





For more of Dedon's designs, you can check out the Dedon website.

I gotta admit, looking at all these wonderful outdoor furniture is making me miss Cebu a lot.

Where am I from, you ask? Oh. I'm from Cebu, you know..where we have awesome beaches and awesome "lechon" (roasted pig) and awesome people who make awesome furniture. That's a lot of awesomeness to handle. I know.

Have a great Friday the 13th!

Toodles! =)


  1. Pretty thought-provoking furniture designs... the "Yin Yang" and "Nestrest" in particular. Whoever designed Yin Yang practically reinvented public social interaction. I won't be surprised if a king-sized bed version came out. Perhaps call it the "LOVE-HATE" therapeutic bed. Might even help with marital separation issues and save marriages. Why waste money on gas and relocating when you can just split the bed in half, right? Only problem is during peace time...

    Nestrest reminds me of a hammock, albeit a claustrophobia-inducing version. The rattan weave-like material looks like it is capable of being permeated by the wind, but it wouldn't hurt to provide an ample vent or hole on the topmost termination (like a chimney) as to encourage more air circulation and help mitigate heat buildup.

  2. Oh jeez, I knew you'd like this post. Speak-a in-a English please! Hahaha. Architect Miguel, you are a freak of nature! Freaky, but I like it. Hahaha.

  3. Pears, you make me laugh. I can totally hear your voice (referring to your teenage "kalog" voice) as I read your bold, italicized ones! Proud Cebuana gyud! =)

    1. Yes, proud Cebuana! =)I'm glad I made you laugh =) Thanks for reading! =)


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