Dressing Up For The Holidays

You've gotten the Christmas and New Year's party invites but you haven't found the perfect outfit yet. You're thinking, you will probably bump into your hot co-worker whom you've had a crush on since the day you borrowed his stapler or coincidentally, be in the same party with your ex and his new girlfriend (you know, the one who looks like a dude without all that make-up on). Or maybe you just want to look cute for the sake of looking cute, right?

My point is, dress up. Dress up good!

For the ladies, glammin' it up during the holidays is just the way to go. Don't be afraid to show some skin---I said some, so don't go hooker-style on me. Mmmk? Mmmk.

You can opt for a wrap dress if you're gonna make a dash from the office to the party venue. All you need to do is swap your office heels to parteyyyy heels.

Diane von Furstenberg
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Pick a festive color but don't get too crazy with the matchy-matchy. Red is always a great option for the holiday season so if you're going for a red dress, pair it up with some black, silver or gold stilettos (anything but red!).

Dolce and Gabbana

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Ready to kick the party ensemble up a notch? Be the walking disco ball and go for beads and sequins!


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Want to do separates? You can go for a simple crop top and match it with a ball or pleated skirt. Remember to get a crop top that sits low enough to cover the navel so you don't have to suck that post-holiday-grub gutt in! If the top is a little bit on the shorter side, make sure the skirt makes up for the gap.


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Don't feel like wearing a dress? Grab some pants and throw in a moto jacket---you're good to go!


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But if you really can't help yourself and be the narcissist that you are belle of the ball...by all means, go all out!

Oscar de la Renta

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Why should women have all the fun? Our gents should dress to the nines as well!

If you don't want to wear a suit and tie, opt for a sport shirt that has a silk blend or a textured finish. The sheen effect will make you look like you made the extra effort to dress up! Ha!

See how this solid blue sport shirt pops? It's all about the sheen!


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Paisley, stripes, floral---don't be scared to play around with prints!

Robert Graham
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Sometimes you don't want to think about what shirt to wear. Let a double-breasted coat do all the work for you!

Brunello Cucinelli

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Bring on the velvet and let's call it a party! Check this lovely velvet sport coat in dark teal.

Giorgio Armani

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And just because I'm obsessed with men's shoes...

Ermenegildo Zegna Penny loafers with brogue detail. I am so in love with the burnish detail (that part where the leather around the toe is darker)!

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Oxfords and Brogues are versatile pieces so you can always dress it up or dress it down.

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Boots don't always have to be casual and rugged-looking. You can still wear them for more formal events so invest in a boot with a polished leather.

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If you wanna go more casual, you can do sneakers. But please, no puffy white tennis shoes---unless you're on your way to do a Jane Fonda workout then okay...Sashay shante away, my good man.

Giorgio Armani Woven Leather Sneaker

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Tom Ford Leather High Top Sneaker

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The velvet version is equally delicioso!

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Oh and by the way, our friends Oscar, Tom, Miuccia or Giorgio ain't gonna do much for you if you don't SMILE. If you don't smile, you'll just be the Grinch with the most impeccable taste in fashion. It's the holidays, take this time to be nice and friendly. Being a genuinely nice person will be the best gift that you could ever give to anyone.

Merry Christmas!


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