Couch Potato: The TV Shows To Watch

Ever since I started becoming a slave working, I've been finding refuge from the hustle and bustle by hanging around my couch and watching TV shows, dusting off tons of food crumbs from my pj's in the middle of the night. I'm sure you'll agree that the scripts for television have evolved so much that sometimes I think they are bigger and better than the ones shown on the silver screen. From what I've seen so far, we are at the peak of what television shows have to offer...the casting selection is superb, and they've even got great directors and scriptwriters who have crossed over from blockbuster films to television.

I know there are currently a lot of great shows to choose from but here is my own list of COUCH POTATO-WORTHY TV SHOWS.

I am 99.9 percent sure that you would love this list but I leave the .01 percent for those who have no sense of what good television is all about. Don't be the .01 percent, don't be a hero.

1. Downton Abbey (Ongoing) I have to say, I think this is by far the best period drama that I've ever watched. The story is set during the post-Edwardian era, as it starts off with the news of the Titanic sinking. I admit, I kinda needed to get used to the characters in the first few episodes and I thought the pilot episode wasn't quite convincing but I promise you, once you get into the groove of the characters (the dynamics among the household staff is quite a handful!), you will LOVE IT. I love the witty humor (British, of course), the intrigue, the romance and a superb cast to boot.

2. American Horror Story (Ongoing) I don't really enjoy scary movies and TV shows since I'm naturally a scaredy cat and I usually end up muting the TV like a gazillion times but this is actually one show that I don't mind watching on my own...of course I meant in the day time...with the blinds open wide and everything! I love how they have a different horror story every season that the setting and the feel of the stories are distinguishable from each other. I also love the fact that they use the same cast of actors in every story! Jessica Lange absolutely fits right in with any of her terrifying characters and she still looks stunning!

3. Boardwalk Empire (On its Final Season) We all know Steve Buscemi as the odd, funny guy in blockbuster movies but I think he deserves high recognition for effectively playing a serious role in this show, so much so that you'd forget he's a regular in Adam Sandler's rom-com flicks. The setting is during the Prohibition era, where Buscemi's character rules Atlantic City as a charismatic but powerful gangster. Oh, and Boardwalk Empire is produced by Martin Scorcese and Mark Wahlberg, need I say more?

4. Dexter (Show's Finale was on 2013) This dark comedy is set in Miami, where a seemingly innocent blood spatter analyst (kind of a red flag there, I know), Dexter, has extra curricular activities on the side--- like being a serial killer by hunting down criminals and killing them in a ritualistic manner. The show will probably mess you up in so many levels 'coz basically, you're going to want to root for Dexter as he goes on a killing spree all throughout the show. But then you won't feel so bad 'coz he only kills bad guys...or does he?

5. Game of Thrones (Ongoing) This is the epic show of all epic shows. Uhm yeah, if you're not watching this yet, you might as well live in Timbuktu. This is the show that I wish would go on and on and on and on forever---well, maybe until the writer manages to kill off every single character in the story, anyway (he's known to kill off main characters with a stroke of a pen). The first few seasons can get a little bit distracting with all the beautiful, naked dudes and dudettes running around but it doesn't stray from how truly exception the story is. If you're already watching the show, high-five! If you're NOT going to watch it even after reading this post, I promise to give you a the face.

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6. Sherlock (Ongoing) Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman star in their respective roles as the modern day Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson. Robert Downey, Jr. is absolutely awesome portraying the role in the silver screen but Benedict is amazing with his own interpretation of the seemingly complex character of Sherlock Holmes. Unfortunately, they do not make enough episodes per season but at this point, I'll take anything from this dashing duo.

7. True Blood (On its Final Season) You'd think it's just a vampire show filled with thick Southern accents but it's more than that. They've got crazy townspeople, religious fanatics, super hot vampires, werewolves, shape shifters, fairies (not the Tinkerbell kind), witches and people who get high with vampire blood (go figure)! True Blood is probably the sexiest vampire show to date and Sookie Stackhouse (the main character) must have something that other girls don't have 'coz damn, her milkshake brings all the boys to the yard!

8. Breaking Bad (Show's Finale was on 2013) This show is simply exhilarating, except for some episodes in between that I honestly think they could have done without. Breaking Bad is about a simple high school Chemistry teacher named Walter White, who, with his vast knowledge in science, ends up brewing up the best meth that money can buy. His sidekick, Jesse Pinkman, is crazy, wild and unstable but ends up having the best catchphrase ever.
9. Veep Ever wonder how politicians really are when the cameras and the microphones are turned off?I'm no fan of politics but this show starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus does a hilarious and refreshing take on being the Vice-President of the U.S., in all its second-rate glory.

10. Silicon Valley Nerds and geeks are now officially cool and they're finally getting sweet revenge for all those times when they got bullied by jocks and snubbed by the slutty pretty girls in school. Silicon Valley is a laugh out loud kinda series that shows the journey of a group of extremely socially-awkward but very smart programmers, led by a Mark Zuckerberg-ish kinda dude, who invented a program that could potentially turn them into overnight billionaires and be the next big thing in the techie world.

Special mentions: Sex and the City (HBO - Show Finale on 2004), The Borgias (Showtime - Show Finale on 2013), Shameless (Showtime - Ongoing), The Following (Fox - Ongoing)

So yeah, if I declined your offer for a fun night out on the town, this is probably why. My name is Pears and I am a certified couch potato...AND I love potatoes, so it all works out.


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