The Reluctant Road Tripper: Day 8

We are back on the road again but this time we are heading west, to my home sweet home, California. Before I say adieu to Harvard, I’d like to reminisce just a little bit more with the help of a good friend of mine called FOOD.

Burger joints, Chinese, Thai, Deep dish pizza--- You name it, they have it.
There’s Uno, where they’re known for the famous deep dish pizza but I since I am a supermodel for Michelin tires, I opted for the thin-crust instead…

I love me some stuffed mushrooms.

Some chicken penne with lots of parmesan cheese.

 And a mutated choco-chip cookie dessert that all six of us attacked…

Right beside UNO was the Russell House Tavern, their patio looked so inviting…

We had brunch at Grafton Street, a chill place where they serve good food at a decent price.

It ain't brunch without my mimosa.

Then there’s the last supper at Yenching Restaurant before we left Kiwi to fend for herself. Ha!

Hello, MSG.

Salt and pepper prawns.

Beef with bitter melon. Surprisingly tasty.

*Sigh* ‘Til next time, Cambridge. I was only there for a weekend but I already fell in love with you! =)

Now that I've flooded your screens with food, you have my permission to ruin your diet and raid the fridge before you start reading the last half of this post:

Massachusetts→ Connecticut→New York →New Jersey→Delaware→Maryland

I was surprised on how quick we were able to pass through every state today except for New York. As expected there was heavy traffic and I don’t think it was even rush hour yet…unless it’s like that every hour then you're screwed either way. I was the only one in the car that had never set foot in NY so of course I was the butt of the joke while I was eagerly trying to catch a glimpse of the skyline and had my forehead stuck on the window, as if that would make me any closer to the city. That's right folks! I've been here in the U.S. of A. for over a decade and I've never been to the Big Apple.

And just my luck, it was a damn hazy day. I could barely make out the Empire State building---that is just sad. Don't worry NY, you are but shadows to me now but I'll be back for you with a vengeance.

Zooming in and out of New Jersey and Delaware (yey for tax-free shopping)

Unexpectedly, we got hit my crazy zero-visibility rain in Maryland. That's right---in the middle of summer!

Mother Nature just must be some kind of a schizo 'coz just like that, the rain was gone and the sun was out.

We are sleeping over at Silver Spring, Maryland for 2 nights and holy shawarma, the humidity is killing me. I literally wanted everything COLD for dinner so I had a cold glass of pineapple juice and some icecream whatchamacallit dessert. 

Our hotel happens to be next to an outdoor mall so I just took a quick stroll to stretch out and burn off everything we previously binged on at Cambridge...oh yea, and that whatchamacallit that I just ate too.

You notice anything odd in this picture? Uhhh...

Well what do you know...Discovery Channel's headquarters is located next door too! I'm a big fan of Cash Cab, MythBusters, How Do They Do It? and Dirty Jobs!

Okay, short stroll over. Time to head back to the hotel to pop in the shower, catch some z's and prepare for our next adventure tomorrow!


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