The Reluctant Road Tripper: Day 13

Laughlin, Nevada

Wuhoo! This is our last day before we go back to reality and to my home, sweet home California! I’ve finally recharged my sanity energy since I didn't have to get up at 4 a.m., so today it's time for some relaxation and it’s time for some slot machines! I’m really not a gambler, so I just go to the 1 cent machines and feed it a dollar or two. My family and I are such non-gamblers that when my parents handed me a $20 bill to play with, I was in shock. Are they sure about this? I could just make a run for it and go to the buffet instead. More bang for my buck, you know?

The blazin’ heat isn’t backing down today so I’m compelled to stay indoors. How lucky are we that the weekend we drop by in Nevada is exactly the time that the West Coast is experiencing one of the worst heat waves ever? How bad is it, you ask? Easy. Look for a hairdryer, set it on high heat and place the dryer as close as you can to your face. Now imagine that heat on your face to be about 3 times hotter and blowing all over your face and body too. I guarantee you, it was something that I have never experienced considering that I have tough, tropically-trained skin. (Philippine Islands, reprezent!)

But hey, this is the only down-time we’ve really had since the beginning of the road trip so I’m totally enjoying being stuck inside the hotel and enjoying dolce far niente. At night, I decided to come out from my little air-conditioned fortress and take a stroll by the river.

That was a bad idea, not only was it still bakin’ outside, I’ve forgotten my brother’s remark about the raccoons and skunks running the show outdoors. Of course I only remembered that when a skunk was already a couple of feet away from me, with its hiney ready to spray on unsuspecting guests. I was able to take only two photos while frantically trying to escape from Pepe Le Pew’s lethal weapon.

You know what made this encounter so weird? The skunk was chillin’ with a cat and even though it was dark, I could have sworn that there were little kittens by the bushes. You can see the reflection of the cat’s eyes in the picture but you could barely make out the skunk. Sorry, I know my picture isn’t exciting enough but this blogger ain’t that dedicated to come closer just to get sprayed on by Mr. Le Pew. Ha!

Oh and before sun down, I saw a freakin’ raccoon walk right up from this dock right here, just struttin’ his or her stuff in broad daylight! Sorry I wasn’t able to take a picture at all with the raccoon in action because I was too busy standing as stiff as a board when it made eye contact with me and climbed up to the walkway where I was standing at. Laugh at me all you want, but those little cute fuzzy masked creatures can be a little aggressive when they want to!

Anyhoo, as much as I know you would want to hear the rest of my fun-filled day discovering little creatures terrorizing hotel guests, I am going to have to cut my story short and start packin’ all of my stuff again…for one last time! Yahoo!

Toodles! :)

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