Save the Sea Turtles

I am absolutely enraged by the recent news about a Chinese vessel seized for POACHING more or less 500 of our beloved, not to mention endangered, sea turtles off of Half Moon Shoal---an area close to Palawan, Philippines. I know there is currently a spat between the Philippines and China over disputed territories but it is even more evident now why China should not reign over these Spratly Islands, at least until they learn to respect laws protecting the endangered wildlife. The poachers kill these kind, gentle creatures for their meat to eat and for their shells to make into jewelry. Sea turtle poaching is not only limited in Asia, there are also similar reports coming from Costa Rica and Mexico.

Photo Courtesy of Philippine National Police Maritime Group
I love sea turtles because in spite of being big for its kind, they have a serene and calm disposition. I like to think that I use this blog as a platform to write articles that would give hope, joy and laughter but I also want to use it as a voice for animals and people who cannot speak for themselves. 

I always say to myself, "You'll never know who might read  or hear about this." The first step to education is awareness so let's help spread the word about this cruelty against sea turtles and to any other wildlife, may they be endangered or not. Share this with your family, friends, co-workers, neighbors...'coz it's a small world only if we try to reach out. 



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