Rapunzel No More

I guess when you reach at a certain age, you become more aware of the greater scheme of things and end up a little bit less selfish than you were before. Just as anyone else who're anticipating their birthday, one tends to think about where to go, what to do and what to buy. For the past decade, I've been having the same thing for my birthday : An expensive dinner (insane enough to make my financially sensible brother do a double-take on the bill but hey, I work hard for the money), a new birthday dress and shoes, gifts from family and friends and a sense of entitlement because somehow, it's so freakin' important that I was actually born. *insert hair-flipping* *blink* *blink*

So this year I decided to do things a little bit different--- Why not give back to celebrate my birthday? 

I was looking into different charities and I'm eyeing on two, one in the Philippines and one here in the U.S. but I wanted some instant gratification so I thought, how about I cut my hair short and donate it to people who need it more than I do? :)

The final hours of my Rapunzel hair... I never wear sweatshirts but my little, hardworking scientist of a sister from Harvard bought it for me and I have to say, it's pretty cozy :) 


I did a little bit of research and there are a good number of organizations that collect donated hair for cancer patients but I decided that Pantene was the best candidate for my own hair donation. Their program is called Beautiful Lengths  <------and if you click on that link you'll be able to read more on the donation requirements. If you don't live in the U.S., I'm sure finding other organizations in your local area is just a Google search away. I think it's a win-win situation, really : You get to shock your friends and family with your new short 'do and someone out there is smiling, even for a moment because of a deed that was so simple to do.

So the questions is...will I skip the birthday celebration this year? Yes and No.
Yes, I will skip the usual hip, sangria-serving hot spots but...
No, I will not skip the celebration altogether because life is meant to be celebrated no matter what.

By the way, how do I look? :)



  1. you look even more gorgeous idol! and more with the beautiful humble heart keep it up

  2. Thank you! It's never wrong to be selfless =) Thanks for reading =)


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