Fountain of Youth

As I was doing an American Horror Story: Coven marathon and stuffing my chubby face with Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, I noticed something about one of the actresses of the show and it got me wondering...could she be a vampire?! How is she looking that daym fine and ageless after all this time?!

Of course, I am referring to none other than the lovely Angela Bassett. I mean...just look at her!

Ever heard of wrinkles, Angela? Would you be interested in having them any day now?

Fit and feisty at 55. Wow.

Aside from Angela, there are some other Hollywood ladies that must be eating newborns (forget about the placenta---it's all about the newborns!!!) on a regular basis because they are either ageing gracefully or not ageing at all! Move over, Edward Cullen and the rest of the raging hormones crew of Twilight! Here are my two other faves:

Cate Blanchett

Skin care luxury brand, SK-II, did not make a mistake in having Cate on board as its product endorser. She is perpetually flawless! Everyone knows that having porcelain skin is a tough task to maintain so give your 44-year old self a pat on the back, Cate! Good job!

Oh how I adore her Armani lace gown over her glowing skin! She's absolutely radiant!

Diane Lane

I absolutely love, love, love Diane Lane. She has such a youthful vibe to her and even though her face has a little wrinkle here and there, it goes to show that she is embracing her age with great confidence. Oh yea, and she has a rockin' body at the ripe age of 49! Uhm yea, anyone remember her movies such as Unfaithful or Under The Tuscan Sun? Case closed.

Knowing how the Hollywood scene is pretty much synonymous to plastic surgery, I can't really say for sure that these beautiful ladies haven't gone under the knife at all but just looking at them as a whole (face, skin, body), I don't see any evident traces of implants, over-injected lips nor over-Botoxed, frozen smiles. 

Are we really going to find that ever elusive fountain of youth? At this point, I don't think there's ever going to be a plastic surgeon that can give you that natural glow, the glow that'll help you age gracefully. We need to be comfortable in our own skin and we need to respect our bodies. Whatever you feel inside, it emulates through your physicalities. Achieve that glow from within and you'll never have to entrap your poor, unfortunate boyfriend/ husband by shooting him with the deadliest question known to mankind..."Do I look fat in this dress?" Yyyeee--No.

Does this mean we'll need to start eating our green leafy vegetables? Yes, yes we do.



  1. I tried to divorce SKii...I'm not ready just yet. So I guess we're still married, but I'm cheating on it with Amore Pacific.

  2. What happened? SKII not working for you anymore? =(


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