Battle Of The Bulge


So you want to lose weight just like every single person in this world who owns a less-forgiving mirror. You've tried all sorts of crazy quick-fix diets that make you end up either losing the weight but looking like an old, frail prune or worse, gain even more weight than what you originally started with.

I've got friends who praise me for not ballooning up from my highschool/college years, asking me what's the secret to maintaining a healthy weight. The thing is, there is not secret. No such thing at all. Infact, all the information you need is right in front of you and it's simple.

I'm a little plump right now but that's by choice, I'm just being lazy. As long as I'm maintaining my weight and not gaining more than that then I'm alright. Right now I weigh 117 lbs, I stand 5'5 tall and my jean (I base it on my Diesel's) size is 26. On my fit days, I usually weigh 112 lbs, so I'm 5 pounds heavier right now than my healthier self.

My little sister, Kiwi and I during my 29th birthday last April
The key is just to be aware of things that you do and don't do. Don't make simple things complicated. Here is a list of things that I do when I really want to lose weight, and it has never failed me.

1. Eat more vegetables. Don't like vegetables? Get over it. You're not a kid anymore, so quit whining. I don't see the reason for me to enumerate all the countless benefits of adding veggies to your diet, unless you were totally copying assignments from your nerdy seatmate all throughout your nutrition and science classes.

Not only are vegetables less in fat, they'll make your skin lookin' all glowing like Cate Blanchett's.

2. Don't drink soda's. They're high in sugar. Too much sugar is bad for you because it'll make your body store more fat, it doesn't get any more simple than that. Paradox: Diet sodas. Who are you kidding? If you're really on a diet, you shouldn't drink sodas at all. Steer clear from sweetened iced tea's, energy drinks and juices as well, those may seem harmless but they pack a lot of sugar in there too.

Here's a chart that I grabbed from the net that simply shows how much sugar is in your drink:

3. Get your lazy, fat hiney off the couch. I'm not an outdoorsy kinda person but I move around as much as I can. Unfortunately, I am too tired to go to the gym after work but I do some easy exercises at home like crunches, bending, squats, etc. I also walk my dog for 30-40 minutes twice a day. If you have kids, run around with them. If you have a hot crush on someone like Nathan Adrian, go chase after him. Whatever it is, just keep moving!

Don't be like this lazy bum..

4. Don't do groceries when you're hungry. You're going to end up having lots of junk food or just excess food at home that you don't normally consume. I remember I was once hungry doing the groceries and the check-out lady asked if I was getting ready for Halloween because I just spent $80 bucks on those candy & chocolate mega packs. It was still September, go figure.

5. Remember, do everything in MODERATION. Don't starve yourself or over-exercise. Don't over think things. Who really cares how much calories this or that food has? Do yourself a favor and throw away that book you have about counting calories, you're only going to look stupid whipping that book out every time you're about to eat. If you're hungry, eat. Right when you're full, stop eating. If you overdid it over the weekend, go work out. Otherwise, are you really going to let a paperback tell you what to do?

Most of all, don't lose weight for anyone but yourself. Do it for your health, do it for your future. Don't give up so easily, being healthy doesn't necessarily mean you get to look like your supermodel friends but it'll definitely make you feel better, inside and out. If you do have a serious weight problem, consult your doctor or a nutritionist. Don't be delusional by telling yourself that being that heavy and severely overweight is okay because it's NOT. You are only setting yourself up for more health problems in the future. 

So enjoy your's a blessing, and not your enemy. Be mindful of what you eat and work up a sweat even for just half an hour a day and you will be fine.

Krispy Kreme, anyone? Don't you dare pull out that calorie-counting book or I will disown you.



  1. you forgot another tip...Make sure you are not plagued by the fat gene or a non existent metabolism. My lazy days make me gain 5 lbs a day...yours is just 5 lbs period. Damn you!!! ( waving a fist with an ice cream cone in it)hahaha.


    1. Oh trust me, I have the fat gene (spanish side) in me as well but the 'rents always tend to "inspire" me by saying my arms are getting plumpy (pinching on the flabby part) and telling the cook to stop serving rice. waaaaa!

  2. Skyler looks so cute... and lazy! Your post started out great with handy tips and images of veggies... and all that sugar content from soda drinks. I was already starting to get all pumped up about eating "healthy"...

    then pop goes the skittles, snickers, crunch, twix, hershey's... now I'm drooling more than Skyler's usual nocturnal episodes.

    The choco donuts at the end were telling me that your healthy tips are just optional at best! But of course I am too smart to listen to that. I figured that all a person needs to do to avoid unnecessary food consumption is to embrace poverty. Problem solved.


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