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I haven't been really going out and I've been feelin' a little lazy for some time now, so when I got a phone call from my brother early this afternoon about last minute dinner plans, all I could think of was Crap, do I really have to change out of my pajama's? But then I thought hey, maybe it's a good thing that I go and do this dinner thing with the sibs and other relatives so I can actually have a real conversation with human beings and give Skyler the day off from listening to my rants.

"Mom, you're boring me with your first-world problems.."

Anyway, I've decided to try out this new thing on my blog where I can post some of my practical styling tips through outfits that I actually wear. If you ask me to describe my fashion style, I would tell you to get back to me everyday because that's how constant my style changes. One day, I could be sporting the laid back, approachable, girl-next-door kinda look and the next, I want to be in a ball gown. Sashey, Shante!

I didn't feel like wearing jeans but I didn't want to totally dress up to the nines as well, so I took a basic royal blue tank top, a pair of belted pink linen cropped trousers and threw in a cream shawl collar linen blazer over it. The key here is to know how far you can go to play with vibrant colors without looking like something that came out of a Skittles commercial. Since I have both top and bottom oozing with playful colors, I simply topped off the whole ensemble with a neutral color (cream blazer) and medium brown strappy sandals.

I apologize for the less appealing hair and bare-faced look. Picking out this outfit took me about 3 minutes and that was all the effort that I was going to put in today. Tee-hee!



  1. as usual...still soo sexay!!!

    1. And that's exactly why you're my bestfriend. hahaha =)) Thanks!


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