There's Something About Mary

I know that most of my readers consist of faithful friends and family who are nothing less than supportive of my wacky antics but I would like to take this time to fill in some random gaps for the rest of my fellow readers who have loyally followed my blog, even if they barely know me. Honestly, there's too many too mention because I am such a random person and you will only realize this after you've finished reading this entire here it goes...

Random Pears Fact #1: I keep a radio in my bathroom so I could dance while I'm in the shower. And nope, I don't normally sing, but I can bust some Step Up moves in there while working up a lather! So while I'm washing my hair, I may be dancing to songs like these..

Wild Cherry- Play That Funky Music (White Boy)

Queen- Crazy Little Thing Called Love

And ofcourse, a little bit of this..."this is how I roll, animal print pants out of control"

LMFAO- Sexy And I Know It

Random Pears Fact #2: Yes, a lot of you may say that my hefty appetite is one of the most basic things to know about me...But your definition of hefty might just be my normal order at McDonald's. I used to enjoy their delivery service back in the Philippines so I would never starve. (yep, to add more syrup to your gluttony, McDonald's delivers in the Philippines! Oh yea!)

So what do I get?





Yes, I would finish all of it in one sitting. Now take note, I used to order like this so don't think that I still eat that way up to this day. I'm trying to lay off the sweets though 'coz my throat is finally taking it's own revenge on me and gets all sore when I have too much of that good sugary stuff. Boo.

Random Pears Fact #3: I love playing video games and I'm actually pretty good at it. I've been playing against my brother since I was a wee little fruit so it's just a habit that I can't get rid of. I currently have a Playstation 3 which was given by my Mr. Architect when it first came out in December a couple of years back. I remember I was holding on to it tightly when I got it because this was the time when people were getting shot in parking lots just to get a hold of the new Playstation!

I like playing those that I call "versus games" such as Tekken, Mortal Combat, etc. I used to like those cute ones too like Crash Bandicoot, Donkey Kong, etc. And thanks to my boyfriend, I like playing RPG games like Elder Scrolls,etc.  Wow I sound like a nerd, but it's okay. Nerds grow up to be gazillionares and cool people anyway.

Random Pears Fact #4: I like going into baby stores and look at all their merchandise...from booties and onesies to bibs and teething toys. Everything just looks so tiny and colorful, plus I love babies so it's kind of therapeutic for me when I browse around. My fave brand so far is Carter's...

I mean, who doesn't think this is adorable?

Puppy hooded blanket.. I want one for myself! I seriously want a hooded blanket! If they had an adult size for this, I would be sleeping in it right about now.

Random Pears Fact#5: I'm scared to swim alone in a swimming pool because I'm always thinking that a shark is following me from behind. Yep, A SHARK. Thank you, Jaws.

Still there? Well, well, well...looks like someone is diligent to know more about me today =) Ha! I'm pretty sure I can come up with more random things about myself but if you want to know anything about me, feel free to leave me a message/comment and I'd be glad to satisfy your curiosity  =)

Hey, thanks for reading!

Toodles! =)


  1. I hate you for random fact #2 you sexy bitch!!! hahaha...oh your going to hate me too..cause hooded blankies are almost adult size for me meh lol...but I still luvs you ;-* like frosting...yumyumyum


    1. Hahaha! So do you hate me or do you hate Mickey Dee's? hahaha! I guess you're going to have to get me a hooded blanket for my Christmas then! ;p

  2. I guess mutually MD for having calories...and you for somehow processing it into something without calories hahaha...For Christmas I would like your metabolism...or I'll just watch you eat like a creeper lol

    1. Honestly, I now rarely eat at Mickey Dee's. Maybe once in a blue moon for their breakfast 'coz everyone knows that's when they have the good stuff!


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