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You know, I just felt so compelled today to dedicate a blog for a cause that I really appreciate and believe in, so the least that I could do is to SHARE. The one thing that I've learned as an Advertising and P.R. graduate is that as long as you get the message out, it'll reach whoever and wherever it needs to reach. Not a lot of people know this but I've always wanted to form some sort of charity or non-profit organization that could make a difference and make someone's (human or animal) life better.

Well what do you know, someone beat me to it and I'm totally enthused! I discovered that there is a Cebu-based animal rescue group called the Island Rescue Organization (or wittingly called by it's acronym "IRO", which means DOG in the Visayan dialect). I've been quietly following them on Facebook and have witnessed the selflessness that they exude as well as their dedication to give love and care for these helpless animals. This means that someone had the biggest huevos (Spanish for something...if you know it,good. If not, just google it 'coz I feel like it's not appropriate to say it in this context in English! Ha!) and actually made this all happen. What I only concoct in my dreams, is something that they are ACTUALLY doing right now and I think that's just amazing.

They rescued some Pit Bulls from a raided dog-fighting ring in Cavite, a province in the Philippines, and were sent to IRO's sanctuary in Cebu where they rehabilitated these badly abused dogs back to great health and normalcy.

Here are some photos that I grabbed from their page...

I am nowhere near the Philippines right now but that doesn't mean I can just say "Awwww" and feel sorry while I'm reading their sad stories and then call it a day. Nope, I think that's just not enough anymore. There is a need to take action, and that's what I did today.

I decided to skip my purchase of a Chanel eye shadow palette and made it into a donation instead...

To all of you who are attempting to go on a diet, now is the best time to re-think that dinner date because you know it'll  just all go straight to your thighs and add more cushion to your muffin top. It's wise to just donate that money instead and lose a couple of pounds at the same time. Win-Win! 

It's so easy to donate, even Sky can do it. Click here to Chip In

On behalf of your Royal Highness, Skyler, we are grateful for your time and support!

Have a great weekend!


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