VS Swim Special 2015

Okay... so the geniuses in Victoria's Secret decided to give us the MAJOR ego torment not once, but TWICE a year, now that they've come up with the very first Victoria's Secret Swim Special featuring all our favorite VS models and a look behind the scenes while they shoot for the 2015 swim catalog and more in Puerto Rico.

Oh hey, that's just great. Prance around with your perfect tan and your perfect hair and your long perfect legs, why don't ya? Speaking of perfect, I don't think anyone can bash these girls for looking great. They look fit and healthy and you can't throw the Photoshop excuse...so let's just admire them, shall we?

Image via vspressroom.com
Candice Swanepoel is an alien. Do not attempt to look like her, it's just impossible. 
Click here to stream the show online! You're welcome, boys and girls.

And now I shall contemplate about this cream cheese danish. Should I have just one? Or go all the way and give in to two? Times like these, I need a dose of WWCD--- What Would Candice Do.


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